DISTRO LIST (October 2013)

NO EXIT #6 (Greek punk/hc fanzine. Interviews: Cut Off, Raw Nerves, Dirty Wombs, Sailing On, Zvarna, Lotus Fucker euro tour report and more. All in English), 1.50 euro
KEEP IT SIMPLE #2 (Poems and words accompanied by dark cut and paste artwork, mostly in english), 2 euros 
YOUR WAR #8 (Interviews with: Schizophazia, Nekromantiker, Merciless Game/The Wankys tour report and Chaos Channel. All in English), 2.50 euros 
MORE NOISE #10 "The Very Last Of  Zine" (Interviews with: The Swankys, Gai, Confuse and more. Old photos and articles from the Kyushu Punk scene never publised before.), 3 euros
MAXIMUM ROCK N'ROLL #359 (Interviews with: Sickoids, Cancer Spreading, Hassler, White Murder and more plus an extensive scene report of the Peruvian underground.), 5 euros
MAXIMUM ROCK N'ROLL #360 (Interviews with: Stress, Proxy, The Kids, Nuclear Frost and more), 5 euros
MAXIMUM ROCK N'ROLL #361 (Interviews with: Fear Of Extinction, Kathleen Hanna, The Shorts, Hard Feelings, No Power and more), 5 euros
MAXIMUM ROCK N'ROLL #362 (Interviews with: Born Worng, Homicide, Shaved Women Hondartzako Hondakinak. Also included a United Arab Emirates scene report!), 5 euros
MAXIMUM ROCK N'ROLL #363 (Interviews with: Las Otras, Toinen Vaihtoehto, Sudor, Terveet Kadet, Ruined Families, R.O.T.T.E.R. and more.), 5 euros
MAXIMUM ROCK N'ROLL #364 (Interviews with: Snob Value, Last Chaos, Ne! Records, Whatever Brains, Trashies and more.), 5 euros
MAXIMUM ROCK N'ROLL #365 (October 2013, Interviews with Zudas Krust, Doomed Society Radio, Kontrasekt, Hero Dishonest, Violent Party and more.) 5 euros

HARDCORE ANACHRONISTIC ASSEMBLY "International Fanzine Omnibus" Vol.1 (This fanzine is the collaboration between 10 fanzine editors from around the world with 4 pages each), 2.50 euros
WINTERVIEW #0 (Brand new punk fanzine from Greece! Interviews with Alecto, Backlash, Seaside Rebels, Bandage, Up The Brushes blog and a Patras scene report), 2 euros
DISTORTION FAITH # 4 (Interviews with: Honnor SS, Terrible Feelings, Peroxide, Tatuerade Snutkukar and Vaarallinen), 3 euros
DISTORTION FAITH #5 (Hardcore/punk fanzine from Sweden, all in english. Interviews with: Dischange, Massacre Divine, SPHC, Daryl Kahan), 3 euros
SORE BOWELS PISSING MARBLES #2 (Beautiful art 'zine including drawings and cut&paste art from two greek artists), 2 euros

DEPRIVED-"Discography '89-'92" (Anarcho hc/punk from the u.s.a,similar to Aus-Rotten,Defiance & Dirt), 5 euros
KILL THE CAT-"Φιλιά στο Χάος" (melodic ska/punk from Greece), 5 euros
DEATH COURIER - "Perimortem" (Old-school brutal death metal from Greece, brand new release!), 5 euros
HUMAN SLAUGHTER - s/t (Heavy thrash with hints of old-school crust like Hellshock. From Thessaloniki, Greece), 5 euros 
DOWNWARD SPIRAL - s/t (Hardcore punk from Cyprus.), 5 euros
SIGMUN - "Extended Play MMXII" (Psychedelic rock from Indonesia.), 10 euros
HEAD CLEANER - "Of Worms And Men" (Metallic grindcore from Thessaloniki, Greece, excellent 3rd full length! For fans of Napalm Death, Nasum etc), 8 euros


GUTTER / DIRTY WOMBS - Split (Two of the best greek hardcore bands team up for one hell of a split!), 10 euros
CONSPIRACY OF DENIAL - s/t (Heavy and melodic crust from Athens, Greece. Similar to Ekkaia and Fall Of Efrafa. Debut release!), 10 euros
MORTAL THREAT - "Psychotic Paralysis" (Thrash/crossover from Athens, Greece. For serious headbangers!), 12 euros
CUT OFF - "Sick Of This Life" (Powerviolence from Athens, Greece. Fury and hate! One-sided lp, limited edition cover. Only 50 made.), 10 euros

OVERPOWER - s/t ep (Japanese-influenced hardcore punk from Germany, brings to mind the early Burial releases), 5 euros
NULLA OSTA / ZAPRTI ODDELEK - Split ep (Hardcore with dual bass from Croatia vs. powerviolence/grindcore from Slovenia), 4 euros
DIRTY WOMBS / UNFIT EARTH - Split ep ("Burning Spirits"-style hardcore team up with heavy crust! Both Greek bands), 3.50 euros
ΗOLY EXTERMINATION / BURN THE CROSS - Split ep (Heavy crust d-beat from Poland), 4 euros