Some words about Scull Crasher

How it all started:
Scull Crasher records & distribution started in 2007 as a small fanzine distro, I was getting a lot of fanzines from all over the world through trades with my 'zine (No Exit) and thought it would be great idea if I started a distro and spread the information about the worldwide punk/hc scene. Soon after that I decided that there's got to be some audio material too, mostly releases from bands featured in the 'zines I had on the distro. The next step was to start releasing records from Greek bands in order to help them with the distribution and let more people out of Greece know what is going on in this wasteland. 

How things work:
Some of you might already know what's behind the process of releasing a record but since there are still people in Greece that think that diy record labels are in it for the profit I feel it's important to give you an insight of how things work. Making a living from the distro/label is equally difficult as achieving world peace, unless you charge 20 euros for each record and have a lot people byuing a ton of your releases but this is what I fight against! I like to keep all my releases and stuff on the distro in as low as possible prices so they can be affordable & available for everyone. If there's a record in the distro list that costs more than the rest it's because of the shipping charges. I try to get even on what money I spent on buying records for the distro but it hasn't been working, couldn't care less though, I love what I do even if I end up lose a ton of money. When someone buys one of my releases and tells me he/she liked it I consider it as my reward for all the hard work. Punk is not about making money or being famous, it's about communication, sharing your feelings with like-minded people, a form of expressing yourself and a medium to channel the frustration about what's wrong in this world. It doesn't matter if you play in a band, make a fanzine, book shows, run a record label or be a "fan" (i hate that word!), we're all in it for the same reasons so we better start working together for building the world we want to live in.

What's in store for the future:
Re-releasing on vinyl all the obscure 90's Greek hardcore demo tapes, hunt down and kill every last one of the fuckers selling out-of-print punk records on ridiculous prices on ebay, destroy the music business. ...but I guess there will be no time for doing all of the above since the end of the world is near.