ADRALLA - "Σκηνές Αυτοτκτονίας" CS

ADRALLA - "Σκηνές Αυτοκτονίας" CS (SCR 021) AVAILABLE
Adralla is an anarcho-punk band from Karditsa, Greece. The band came together in 2015 and after some line-up changes they recorded their first demo "Σκηνές Αυτοκτονίας" (Suicide Scenes) on December 2016. Adralla's both music and attitude/lyrics give away their influences, a raw mix of UK & Greek anarcho-punk that brings to mind Dirt, Oi Polloi, a bit of The Destructors and various obscure greek punk bands such as Ασσύμετρη Απειλή (Assymetrical Threat), Κοινωνική Αποσύνθεση (Social Decomposure), Kalazaar and more. 
Comes in pro-done C30 clear with black tint tapes with logo/title printed on both sides and 4 panel J-card
Limited to 100 copies

Proudly released by Scull Crasher records  


STHENO / FACADA - "Primitive" split CD

STHENO / FACADA - "Primitive" split CD (SCR 022) AVAILABLE
Beloved greek grinders Stheno are back with yet another split release this time around with Facada from Brazil. 11 tracks of sonic hooliganism for your listening pleasure.
Co-released with DIY Kolo, Laja records, Drunk With Power records & 161 Crew



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