Hørdür - "Húbris" LP

SCR024  Hørdür - "Húbris" LP AVAILABLE
Debut full length from this trio powerhouse from Lyon, France. 20 tracks in 23 minutes, forged with grindcore, powerviolence and just the right amount of black metal. For fans of: Lack Of Interest / Dead Instrument / Sayyadina
Artwork by: Hørdür

Co-released by: 
LIXIVIAT Records (Fr)
I Feel Good Records (Fr) 
Deaf Death Husky (Fr) 
Repulsive Media (Fr) 
Bisounours Prod (Fr) 
Dbeat Hjerte Records (Norway) 
Hecatombe Records (Spain) 
Loner Cult Records (Belgium) 
Pasidaryk Pats Records (Lithuania) 
Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records (UK) 
Scull Crasher Records (Greece)