Skunk / Existench - split EP

Skunk are back with another split 7", this time with crustcore veterans Existench! 
Skunk deliver five new tracks of uncontrolled, furious d-beat maelstrom that sucks you in the more you listen to their side. Existench's side features five new tracks of audio terrorism in a grind-oriented manner. Both bands have included lyrics along with some old-school b/w cut & paste artwork. 
Co-released with Blastbeat Worship, Suburgatory records, Rex Manor records, Outrageous Defecation, Nihilistic Despair. 


Jack - "Neurózis" CD

Jack - "Neurozis" CD (SCR 019) AVAILABLE
Three years since their last full length "Inhumanus", Jack are back with 19 tracks of blistering grindcore on "Neurozis". Jack have been together since 1996 experimenting with various styles of crust, punk & grind, since 2011 has established their sound as "crossover grindcore". "Neurozis" is a grotesque mixture of punishing old-school death metal played at neckbreaking speed & punk-rooted grindcore. The lyrics deal with personal and social problems that we all face in our fabricated reality and our struggle to overcome. All lyrics are in Hungarian language, English translation provided in the cd inlay.