ADRALLA - "Σκηνές Αυτοτκτονίας" CS

ADRALLA - "Σκηνές Αυτοκτονίας" CS (SCR 021) SOLD OUT
Adralla is an anarcho-punk band from Karditsa, Greece. The band came together in 2015 and after some line-up changes they recorded their first demo "Σκηνές Αυτοκτονίας" (Suicide Scenes) on December 2016. Adralla's both music and attitude/lyrics give away their influences, a raw mix of UK & Greek anarcho-punk that brings to mind Dirt, Oi Polloi, a bit of The Destructors and various obscure greek punk bands such as Ασσύμετρη Απειλή (Assymetrical Threat), Κοινωνική Αποσύνθεση (Social Decomposure), Kalazaar and more. 
Comes in pro-done C30 clear with black tint tapes with logo/title printed on both sides and 4 panel J-card
Limited to 100 copies

Proudly released by Scull Crasher records