Dyspnea / Unfit Earth - split LP

Dyspnea / Unfit Earth - split LP (SCR 015) AVAILABLE
Greek crust galore! Dyspnea deliver excellent heavy & dark crust in the vein of 
Ictus, Dagda and Leadershit and also add a personal touch of bleakness & despair 
that transform into feelings of anger and vegeance through their  lyrics.
Unfit Earth go for a more old-school approach of the term “crust” sounding at
times like a hybrid of Bolt Thrower and Napalm Death whilst not being afraid to 
throw some slow tunes here and there that bring to mind Fall Of Efrafa.
This is a co-release by the following labels and the bands: Scarecrow, 
We Don't Fight It, Sabrota, Scull Crasher, True To The Game and Weird Face. 
Artwork by Admc07. Mastering by Mammoth Sound.