Next release: Πανδημία - "Μοντέρνα Πανούκλα" LP

Just got the covers for the Πανδημία - "Μοντέρνα Πανούκλα" LP. This will be a co-release with Scarecrow, Eye5, Imminent Destruction, We Don't Fight It, Punk .gr and Scull Crasher.

Πανδημία (Pandemia) are a post-punk band from Athens, Greece and this will be their debut release. Heavily influenced by the old U.K anarcho punk scene of the 80's and the early Greek hardcore/punk scene of the same era. For punks who like bands such as The System, Crisis and Adiexodo.

"Mοντέρνα Πανούκλα" LP will be sent to the pressing plant within the next days, stay tuned!