NEW IN DISTRO: Gutter - "Modern Decay" demo // No Exit zine #5 // Timetrap - "Who's To Blame"

Gutter - "Modern Decay" CD-R
Gutter are a hardcore/punk band from Athens, Greece. Heavily influenced by USHC (Poison Idea, SSD, Void) and also by some euro hc like Skitkids.

No Exit 'zine #5
New issue is finally out! Interviews with Amebix, Pyroklast, Stripmines, Deathhammer and D-Takt & Råpunk records. A4 size, 24pgs, b/w, all in english. 

Timetrap - "Who's To Blame" CD
Brand new full length after six years! Timetrap are a funky, hard rock band with hints of punk/hc and political lyrics from Athens,Greece. These guys know how to rock!

I'm proud to anounce that Maximun Rock n' Roll 'zine will be distributed in Greece through Scull Crasher every month! Available very soon...