V.A - War For Freedom LP (benefit comp)

A brand new beneft compilation for political prisoners is available on lp format! This is a collective effort of squater punks from north Greece. Bands included are: Επιθανάτιος Ρόγχος (Death Rattle), Πορεία Στο Περιθώρειο, Τελευταίος Αιώνας (Last Century), Cut Yor Throat, Go Filth Go, 21179, Totalalitar, Satan's Reject, Imaledeti Ubriaconi, Ασσύμετρη Απειλή (Assymetric Threat), Burn The Boredom, Απέχθεια (Dislike) and Rajahtaa.

Get your copy from Accion Mutante collective.