October update

Hey y'all!
Just updated the distro list with some stuff I got through trading,check it out. September was a busy month music-wise,lots of great shows like DogsHolyLife and Crimen plus local shows with new greek bands that deserve your attention. The only bummer is that a lot of people who attend the shows here don't want to realize that in order to keep seeing bands from abroad they should contribute to "the box" (all diy shows in Greece don't have an entrance fee, there's just a box where everyone leaves some money for the show expenses). So next time you go to a diy show keep in mind that the touring band needs some gas money to play their next show and the rented p.a that needs to be payed. Now for those of you who don't have a problem to pay an entrance fee I strongly advise you to go the following shows:

Athens Hardcore-Punk Matinee
@An Club
Γέννα Από Κώλο / Ixpapalotl / One Of These Days / ATXXX