Hey punks!
I hope you all have fun despite all the shit around us. The world is going straight to hell but punk rock is here to save us once more!
I just want to point out a few things that will be going on this summer and we're glad to be part of.
Scorched Earth from Sweden will be playing a show in Athens on the 18th of July (yes,that's on Monday!) and along with them 5 more awesome bands from Athens will be filling the bill. We strongly advise you to get your ass to the show! For more info you can check here.
Next is the annual Arm Your Desires fest on the 29/30/31st of July taking place in the outskirts of Tyrnavos. A beautiful place to chill out,get drunk,meet punks from all over greece and enjoy a shitload of great bands. Check it here.
In other news we plan to turn this blog in a proper website and make it easier for everyone to order. That's not gonna happen before September though so be patient for a bit more.
We're more than happy to announce that the A-Truth / Kalazaar-Split 7" is selling out fast! We still have copies but not for long,by the way trades are very welcomed so get in touch.
Last but not least,we have some new stuff on the distro like the latest issue of Artcore 'zine (#28) and a great fastcore/hc split between Metralleta and Diskoiraa,within the next days the Perdition/Nerveskade split 7", Sakatat/Matka Teresa split 7" and the Avfall 7" will all be available.
That's all for now,thanks for the support to everyone that bought/traded or just offered a helping hand! Cheers and take care.