..killed by swedish hardcore!

The Go Filth Go/Besthoven-split ep's are all sold out from me,get in touch with the bands if you want a copy.
Got some new stuff in the distro,the last issue of Keep It Real 'zine (#10) from greece and the debut full length cd from Progress Of Inhumanity,a great grindcore band from Athens that you should definitely check out.
There's more stuff coming like the Contort tape (noise punk from Ireland),Apparatus-hardcore religion cd and the Roxor 7" (crust from slovakia)..that's what's coming to mind for now,there's propably more but my burned-out brain is not serving me well lately!
By the way,Fredag Den 13th E are an awesome band both live and on record! Just saw them two days ago and they fuckin' ripped! Too bad I didn't got any copies of their latest lp for the distro..check'em out for sure!