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Finally things start getting better! The long-awaited Besthoven/Go Filth Go split 7" is done and I'm getting the copies next week,can't wait for this one!
The new Glom Da! 7" is also out and I'll propably get it around the same time,two releases that will please every d-beat fan!
Also check the distro list 'cause there are some great stuff like the Mundo Muerto lp (3-chord punk/hc from the u.s with lyrics in spanish),November 13th (dark,melodic crust from Germany),Lies Feed The Machine-"Gallows" 7" (dark crust from Germany,their latest release) and Fear Of Tomorrow 7" (old-school d-beat/crust punk from the u.s,debut release).
The "Raw Punx Against The State" worldwide compilation cd will take some more time 'cause I'm really busy with the (A)-Truth/Kalazaar split 7" which will be out by late January.
Outlaw Gen entered the studio this past weekend to record the songs for the tape and as I was informed the songs came out great,if you like UK/Finland'82 inspired punk/hc then you're gonna love these guys for sure! You can check them here: http://www.myspace.com/outlawgenband
Last but not least Chernobyl (A)ttack decided to release a full-length LP during next year and I'm proud to help them! You can't go wrong with a band that mix bands like Kuro,Moderat Likvitation,Anti-Cimex and Adiexodo! You can get your ears damaged by them here: http://www.myspace.com/chernobylattack
For those of you who live in Thessaloniki,I'll be at the show in Biologica squat next Saturday (4/12) and I'll have the distro with me so come out to check it and/or drink a beer with me!