The long awaited Sakatat / Cut Your Throat split 7" is here finally! Both bands deliver some old-school harsh grindcore in the vein of (old) Napalm Death,Extreme Noise Terror and the like. This one supposed to be the first release from Scull Crasher but because of the delay it arrived after 4 (!) previous releases! You know what they say though: better late than never!
Also we know have some new patches in stock,you can check 'em out here.
Stay tuned for the release from SCR,the Glöm Dä! - Grisigast i Östergötland ep,awesome new d-takt (aka Swedish d-beat!) band,don't be fooled that it's just another by-the-numbers d-beat band,these guys deliver the goods!
Ok,that's it for now,feel free to get in touch for trades / orders or to just write to say hi!
Cheers and up the fuckin' harsh punx!