May 25 update

Hi! Ok this one is gonna be a short one,not much to say anyway! The new issue of Agitate zine is here! For those of you who don't know it and are really into crust/d-beat/noise punk should definetely check it out! Trust me :)
Three releases from Scull Crasher are in the works,the Kalazaar/Bakounine split 7",Sakatat/Cut Your Throat split 7" and the first Asfyxia mcd! I'm really excited with all of them since all of them involve greek bands (we're lazy as fuck and never realease anything!!) and more importantly they're all good friends of mine!
Also I'm waiting for the Kalazaar t-shirts! The money from these t-shirts will go to help the prisoners of this past december riots so I hope people like'em!
Well that's it! More when new stuff arrive.