Hello and cheers to everyone! I hope you had a great time during the holiday season!
I didn't! By now you'll already know what happened in Greece with the murder of a 15-year old kid by a cop so I won't start ranting about it! It was very sad but what happened after his death gave me a sign of hope that things might change for the better! People uniting and fighting together like this is one of the things I'd like to witness in my life!
Anyway,let's move on! We got some new stuff in the distro,zines and tapes,that you should check out! No Exit #2 is out and people seem to dig it and I'm really happy about it,it took to much time but it was worth all the effort!
New stuff will arrive soon,mostly debut releases from new bands that I got in touch with in order to help them distribute their records.
Ok now,I'll post some more news as soon as the new stuff arrive!
Cheers,take care and fight the fuckin' cops everywhere!